We get your car back to you faster. Since we don't have to wait for paint to dry or parts to come in, your car can be back in your hands faster. This means less time with the hassle of being without a car or having to rent a vehicle.

It's cheaper! Because we don't spend time mixing paint, blending panels, watching it dry, and so on, we're able to save you money.

You keep your original paint. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it truly is. Have you ever looked at a car and noticed that one part seems to be just a little bit different from the rest of the car? That's because the piece of the vehicle that was repaired was repainted, and it's very difficult to match a manufacturer's color. Many manufacturers put specks of reflective material in their paint to make it shine, but that can make matching paint even harder. Plus, as a car ages, the paint changes color as it wears down, this poses even more problems with painting a vehicle. As you can see, getting a paint job perfect is a difficult and time consuming process. Many body shops will also do what's called "blending", which means they overlap the new and old sections a little bit to keep from creating a hard, noticeable line between the new and old paints. But even with this, it's still hard to make it perfect.

What if there wasn't a need to repaint a section of the vehicle? Many times, it's not even necessary to go to such lengths to repair a ding. Even large dents can be pulled without the need of paint and restore your vehicle back to its original look. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate for the most experienced paintless dent repair Lexington, KY has to offer.