Every region in the United States has extreme weather that sometimes puts residents and their belongings at risk. Although Kentucky may not face tropical storms or hurricanes, there are definitely still some risks to living in the state. While houses and people are generally more at risk than anything else, cars can be an issue as well.

You may think it would be difficult to find the hail damage repair Lexington KY vehicles need, for example, but you'd be surprised at how often the service is needed. Read on for a couple of weather risks and how Dent Tech of Lexington can help you repair each one.

Hail The search for hail damage repair Lexington KY is actually fairly common. Depending on the size and severity of a storm and the hail it brings, the damage to vehicles can vary. The most common car issue to come with hail is car dents, but it may also cause broken mirrors, or in extreme cases, broken windows. Most of these are an easy and relatively pain-free fix though, as long as you pick the right car repair shop. Ask Dent Tech of Lexington how we can provide repairs and remove dents if your car is damaged in a hail storm.

Wind Another big issue in Kentucky is heavy wind. Especially during spring and fall, the wind can become strong enough to knock down trees or signs. As a result, those objects could wind up somewhere on or near your vehicle and cause significant damage. Although you can take the preventative measure of watching where you park your car during times of heavy wind, that may not always be an option. But if something happens, don't fret. Dent Tech of Lexington can provide the fixes you need to get your car looking like new again.

Kentucky may be spared of some extreme weather, but that doesn't mean that vehicles won't suffer from natural disaster. Whether your vehicle was on the road or parked outdoors, the damage done to your vehicle doesn't have to be permanent. Give us a call to find out how your car can receive hail damage repair and paintless dent fixes or find out which preventative measures you can take to keep your car in top shape.