dent removalGetting a dent on your car or truck is inevitable, especially if you live in an environment with hail. No matter how you get your dent, the next thing on your mind would undoubtedly be how to get the dent out. So here are some unconventional, DIY dent removal hacks to save you a headache.

1. Use a plunger
This method is great for small to medium dents. All you need to do is splash some water on both the plunger and the car, then gently lift until the dent pops out. Just make sure you use a smaller cup plunger, meant for sinks, instead of the larger flange plungers used in toilets.

2. Use boiling water
Only use this method if you are able to manually reach the dent -- think the bumper, a car well, or under the hood. Just throw some boiling water onto the dent, then reach behind and try to gently push the dent out. The water will warm the car's body, making it a bit more flexible and easier to pop back into place.

3. A hair dryer and compressed air
Following the same idea from the boiling water trick, you will blast the dent with a hair dryer on its highest setting. The car's plastic will stretch out, so then aim the can of compressed air on the underside of the dent. Since the cold air will contract with the warmth of the car, the dents and dings will easily fix themselves.

4. Dry ice
Even though this may be the most unconventional method, this technique works on shallow, smaller dents. While wearing gloves, take a small piece of the dry ice and rub it around the dent until you hear it pop back into place.

Unfortunately, for large and stubborn auto dents, you'll most likely need professional help.

If all of these methods fail, it is time to contact a professional car dent repair service that specializes in paintless dent repair. This method of dent removal will only take up to three hours for large complex dents and can be used for any size dent, from the size of a dime to a couple inches in diameter and more. Contacting a professional is a relatively cheap option, as dent removal services average around $50 per ding.

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