dent removalResearch shows that approximately 50% of all car dents are not the fault of the person driving the car. Bad drivers and loose grocery carts are everywhere, so protect your car from dings and dents with some simple preventative strategies.
Sometimes car dents are unavoidable. In fact, owners in the "hail alley" states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska see seven to nine hailstorms and accompanying hail damage annually. But no matter where you live, preventing most dents is as simple as following these six strategies.

1. Leave it at Home
The best way to avoid any damage to your car is to leave it safely parked in the garage. However, this simply isn't practical for many people. For most, cars are a necessity. However, how often do you drive somewhere you could have easily walked to instead? If you're going to the park down the street, it may be a good idea for both you and your car to take a walk.

2. Park Alone
Another simple strategy is simply to avoid other cars while parking. One of the leading causes of dings and dents is, in fact, other vehicles. So while it may seem like a hassle to walk a little further, it could be the difference between a dent and a safe car. You can't always avoid bad drivers on the road, but that doesn't mean you have to park right next to them.

3. Parallel Park
This isn't a road test requirement for nothing! Parallel parking may be a bit tricky at times, but it can significantly reduce the risk of other car doors damaging your shiny new paint coat. Sure, you might get bumped from the front or back, but that's what bumpers are for.

4. Use the Corner Space
While a corner parking spot usually isn't desirable, it can reduce the risk of damage to your car. Not only does it ensure that one side of your car is protected, but other cars are less likely to squeeze into the space beside you.

5. Minimize Exposure to Other Doors
When given the choice between parking beside an SUV and a motorcycle, choose the motorcycle. No doors means no dents!

6. Visit a Dent Repair Shop
Once your car accumulates too many dents, it's easy to stop caring. Soon, your car will be pockmarked on all sides. Sometimes visiting dent removal services is itself a preventative measure. It's basic human psychology. Once you've spent your hard earned cash on car dent repair, you will be extra careful to avoid dents and scrapes in the future.

Whether you've experienced hail damage or need dent removal after a fender bender, visit car dent repair experts. The best dent removal technicians are efficient, knowledgeable, and can provide you with effective dent prevention strategies like the ones above.

The average car dent only takes about 15 minutes to remove, but with these strategies, you may not have to worry about repairing any more dents ever again.