hail damage repairHail damage repair is something we hope you never have to think about. If you are, then it means something probably just scratched, dented, or banged into the love of your life -- your car!

A hail damaged vehicle is a sad thing. It hails so rarely in most of the U.S. that most car owners don't have to ever deal with it, but it does occur, and it can be quite a nuisance when it does. There's virtually no way to plan for hail, either. It's difficult for meteorologists to detect (at least slightly more difficult than just predicting rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation), and it almost never lasts as long as our technology indicates it may. Hail "storms" are very fleeting, and we don't experience them enough to really have a good grip on how to play it safe and sound.

Car dent repair, in general, is a little more common. Many of us have probably been dinged before on the road, or while parked. Sometimes, a ball or an object might smack into our vehicles from out of the blue. Depending on the size of intensity of the dent, removal and repair are usually a cinch, but can be severe enough to require a little extra elbow grease.

Sometimes, the dents aren't fixable by conventional means. Pulling out a small, simple dent is a lot easier and less harmful to your vehicle than fixing a larger dent can potentially be.

That's why there are dent removal services who specialize in hail damage repair or the repair of other types of semi-serious dings to your car. These professionals provide car owners with an outlet for having their hail damaged vehicles repaired and made to look new again when pieces of the sky literally start falling!

A good paintless dent repair technician can achieve up to 80-99% success in the removal of dents, leaving affected cars looking almost new again. Most jobs only take about 10-15 minutes of work per quarter-sized dent. Any larger and deeper than that, and the time it takes to get your vehicle looking new again can increase a small amount.